Peugeot RCZ


A triumph of style and technical prowess, the Peugeot RCZ opens a new chapter in the history both of the marque and of compact coupés. The model exudes emphatic style, with its immaculate interior and efficient engine options offering a totally new driving experience. Thanks to its impressive features, the RCZ is driving Peugeot towards an even more exciting future. The spirited RCZ embodies a new era in driving pleasure, and now just a mere step separates the dream from reality.



The designers and engineers at Peugeot wanted to create a sports coupé in a class of its own. Striking, elegant and dynamic, the sleek lines of this compact car produce subtle plays of light, which serve to accentuate its shapely silhouette.


Emphasised by its aluminium roof arches, the silhouette of the RCZ has been designed to maximise the vehicle's dynamism. Side on, it stands proudly, displaying its firm and taut contours, with its prominent front wings, deeply sculpted sides and generously curved rear wings. The overall impression is one of power and strength.


The curved 'double bubble' shape of the roof and glass rear window not only expresses technical proficiency, but also makes the RCZ one of kind. The roof has been lengthened to form a single, fluid, streamlined envelope with the rear window, thus optimising the aerodynamics.


Sculptural and innovative, the Peugeot RCZ is based on an original compact three-compartment coupé architecture, giving it a perfectly balanced silhouette which is both sporty and contemporary. Tapping into the maker's history and expertise in terms of coupé-cabriolets, this car is the first of its type in the Peugeot range to break away from the '0' or 'double '0' name. The RCZ marks the beginning of a new era in vehicles devoted to driving pleasure.


The RCZ has an enveloping bonnet, thus reducing the size of the front wings. This wide opening also enables easier access to the engine and front wheel arches.


The RCZ is equipped with 18-inch aluminium wheels as standard; 19-inch wheels, in different colours such as matt or gloss black, are also available, and once again correspond perfectly with the sporty nature of the car.




The interior of the RCZ instantly immerses the driver in an environment that is sporty yet subtly exclusive. It evokes comfort and assurance and offers the driver unprecedented pleasure behind the wheel. The ergonomic driving position is ideal for savouring the RCZ's qualities on the road. Its sports seats mould to the shape of the body and give the sensation of being completely at one with the car. The steering wheel and all of the controls are positioned naturally within hands' reach, strengthening the feeling of comfort and ease.


The ergonomic driving position is ideal for savouring the RCZ's qualities on the road as well as the quality of its finish. The steering wheel fitted as standard is covered in fine leather, enhanced with a collar and thumb rests in a satined chrome finish. The flat-bottomed wheel reinforces the dynamic styling of the interior. In addition to its fluid, pure style, the design of the dashboard provides an unobstructed view of the outside. The lengthening of the low roof and short windscreen, in addition to the dynamic lines giving dimension to the cockpit layout, mean that the interior boasts a unique design and has an energetic feel. The style of the instrument panel is particularly polished and the carbon tone of dial backs is enhanced with laser cut and back-lit readings.


The interior aims for the top of the range through the high-tech equipment installed (new multimedia systems: WIP* Com 3D, WIP sound, JBL™** hi-fi system, USB socket in all versions, etc.), offering a wide degree of versatility for the enjoyment of both driver and passengers. Whether in the detail of the double stitching or the use of chrome or aluminium inserts, each feature has been meticulously designed to evoke the exclusive world of motor sport. The clock located in the middle of the dashboard as well as the instruments with their background manufactured in genuine pressed metal are additional design features which only accentuate the sports car feel. *WIP: The World In Peugeot **available as an optional extra in some versions


The standard dashboard is an innovation; its entire surface texture has a smooth, engineered and enhanced quality, which can be customised with an integral trim of fine Nappa leather, with an undeniably superior feel. The seats boast a completely new construction which has been developed to offer the driver a particularly low, ergonomic position, in keeping with the high level of support and comfort that is typical of sports cars. Ideal for appreciating the RCZ's road qualities, the wraparound seats with integral headrests mould around the front passengers while all of the controls are within easy reach of the driver. The range comprises coloured upholstery and a choice of three colours of leather, available in fine Nappa leather (either basic or complete options), with an undeniably superior feel. (Details of basic or complete leather options to be added)



The Peugeot RCZ features a choice of three high-performance engines that meet the Euro 5 European emissions standards – the marque is adopting a resolutely up-to-date and responsible attitude. With 156 to 200 bhp options available, there is an engine to meet your precise needs in terms of performance and fuel consumption. The marque's expertise in road holding and safety has been harnessed to the full in maximising the dynamic behaviour of the RCZ. The RCZ has been designed with the aim of delivering a new driving experience.


The braking system, designed to be powerful and hard-wearing, features generously-sized 302 mm diameter and 26 mm thick ventilated discs at the front. For the 1.6L THP 200 bhp engine, this increases to 340x30 mm. In all versions, the rear is fitted with 290x12 mm brake discs. The development of Bosch 8.1 ABS/ESP has also enabled braking stability when cornering to be improved by optimising its control instructions. Finally, braking efficiency has been increased by means of Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), and EDB (Electronic Brake Force Distribution), which controls the dynamic distribution of the braking pressure on each wheel individually for optimised efficiency.


The RCZ demonstrates excellent road-holding ability, offering an increasingly pleasurable driving experience. The front suspension is an inverted pseudo MacPherson type assembly with an uncoupled anti-roll bar (on the 200 bhp version). The trailing-arm rear suspension has rigid arm joints. The vehicle's base and centre of gravity have been lowered to ensure better road holding. With the 1.6 THP 16V 200 bhp engine, the front suspension has a special lower anti-roll bar incorporated to make the car even more lively and agile.


The hydraulic power steering is configured to provide faultless precision and superb feedback.

2.0 HDI FAP 16V 163 BHP

With a capacity of 1,997 cc, this engine delivers power in abundance. To achieve such performance, it comprises an ECCS type next-generation combustion chamber as well as a low inertia, variable geometry turbocompressor and a high-pressure pump. This block allows maximum advantage to be taken of the RCZ's road behaviour while keeping its consumption to a mere 5.4 L/100 km in a combined cycle with 139 g/km of CO2 emissions.

1.6 THP 16V 156 BHP

This direct-injection turbo petrol engine achieves a remarkable synthesis between performance (torque of 240 Nm at 1,400 rpm and 115 kW at 5,800 rpm) and optimised combined cycle consumption (6.9L/100 km and 159 g/km of CO2 with a manual gearbox). From summer 2010, it will also be available with a completely new 6-speed sequential automatic gearbox.

1.6 THP 16V 200 BHP

This brand new engine exploits to the full the qualities of the car's chassis. The RCZ benefits from generous acceleration thanks to all of the latest technologies associated with the four-cylinder 1,598 cc block: a Twin-Scroll turbocompressor for enhanced performance, instant reactivity even at the lowest rpms to control consumption and CO2 emissions, etc. The tune of the engine when accelerating has also been highly developed, thanks to specific adjustments to its acoustics.



Peugeot's goal is to offer customers peace of mind behind the wheel. For this reason, the maker's focus has been on ensuring that both the driver and any passengers are protected against danger. As standard, the RCZ includes ESP® dynamic stability control, comprising, except on automatic gearbox versions, Intelligent Traction Control (a high-tech anti-skid system that automatically regulates each of the two driving wheels according to their road hold) as well as, of course, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA).


To ensure a high level of safety, the Peugeot RCZ is equipped with driver and passenger front airbags, the pressure of which adapts to the intensity of an impact, as well as two neck airbags built into the structure of the seats.


In line with new Euro NCAP protocol encourages the RCZ not only complies with the minimum safety standards but goes above and beyond it across all security criteria. The RCZ is equipped with a pyrotechnic pop-up bonnet to reduce the impact on pedestrians in the event of a frontal collision.


To guarantee stability when braking, the Peugeot RCZ features an adjustable spoiler, which self-adjusts in accordance with the vehicle's speed. This spoiler provides additional aerodynamic efficiency at the rear of the vehicle, improving its road adhesion.